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Happy Fabulous February,

As February approaches, we have a lot  of assignments and events  going on.

Please help your child  manage their time so they learn  this skill  now.  It will be so useful as they continue their education.  Sometimes a calendar  can help  so they know when to work  on certain assignments and  to see when they are due.  


I want to thank our awesome parents who continually  come to psycho-motor every week!    Your time and dedication are appreciated!  And I have to say "Thank you!" to our Room Mom, Mrs. Song for ALWAYS helping me plan  out our class events!! I could not manage  this all  without her help!


February  8th-10th- Valentine Grams on sale!

February  10th- Module 3 Assessment : Multiplication/Division

February 14th- Science Expo due

February 14th- Valentine's Day 

February 20th- President's Day (no school)

February 24th- Science Expo (parents are welcome to come  from 1:50-2:30)

Science Expo Oral Presentation Dates

Bonus Question!

What is 6,785,307 divided by 7?  Check your work with the inverse operation.  Write your answer on a piece of paper and earn 1 Punch Card if i is correct!  Remember to show your work!

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