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Scholastic Book Orders

Here is the link if you would like to order any books on Scholastic

Our classroom code is JL22M

Boo-Ya Punch Card!

Boo-Ya Behavior “Punch Card”

Once you have filled up your entire punch card, you can redeem your prize

from the list below!

  1. Sit with a friend for the day!

  2. Lunch with a friend in the classroom!

  3. Game Time at lunch with a friend!

  4. A decorative pencil!

  5. iPAD time at lunch with a friend!

  6. Choose your place in line!

  7. Share something special with the class!

  8. Bring a stuffed animal to class for the day!

  9. Wear your favorite hat in class all day!

  10. Choose a GoNoodle video!

  11. Write with a pen in class!

  12. Teach something to the class

Helpful Math LInks!

          Click on support                                                   click on parents


Click the link for Engage New York Homework Help

Little Red Hen Script

Fable Wax Museum Samples

(paint will show the best results)

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